Top 10 Places We Want to Return

We’re travelers at heart, always seeking to uncover the hidden gems that make destinations unforgettable. Recently, we had a conversation about the places we would most like to revisit on the Go See Do Explore Podcast. While our wandering feet have carried us to incredible corners of the world, some places linger in our memories more vividly than others – calling us back to rediscover their charms. From rugged islands to vibrant cityscapes, these are the spots that ignite our wanderlust anew:

Jordan Pond House

Acadia’s Coastal Majesty
The craggy cliffs and crashing surf of Maine’s Acadia National Park have a magnetic pull that’s impossible to resist. We were instantly enchanted by the park’s windswept trails and sweeping ocean vistas during a visit in 2019. With more hikes beckoning, we yearn to return and delve deeper into Acadia’s untamed beauty on Mount Desert Island.


Sylvan Lake

Black Hills Grandeur
An oasis of lush pine forests amid South Dakota’s arid landscapes, the majestic Black Hills left an indelible mark on us. From the chiseled granite faces of Mount Rushmore to the bison-dotted meadows of Custer State Park, this region warrants a longer sojourn to uncover its myriad wonders fully. Camping under star-studded skies tops our must-do list.


Enjoying a Glass of Wine at Bonobo

The Siren Call of Traverse City
With its sparkling beaches, award-winning wineries, and vibrant arts scene, Traverse City exerts an irresistible pull on us. This idyllic Lake Michigan town has become a home away from home, its natural splendor and culinary delights providing a welcome respite from everyday life. No matter how often we visit, we find ourselves longing to return.


U.S. Capitol Building

Washington D.C’s Monumental Allure
The cherry blossoms in peak bloom, the world-class museums of the Smithsonian – Washington D.C. is a cultural powerhouse that we would love to experience in full. A whirlwind day trip years ago only whetted our appetite for the nation’s capital, with its dazzling diversity of cuisine and history beckoning for a more immersive exploration.


L.A. Cetto Wine Barrel Fountain

Valle de Guadalupe’s Vinous Paradise
An off-the-beaten-path gem, Mexico’s Valle de Guadalupe wine region left us spellbound with its sun-drenched vineyards, olive groves, and world-class vintages. From savoring robust reds to wandering medieval-style villages, this Baja California valley promises an immersive experience unlike any other wine destination.


Marigot from Fort St. Martin

St. Martin’s Joie de Vivre
The mere mention of St. Martin conjures up memories of languid days spent beach-side, sipping crisp rosés and feasting on Nicoise delicacies for us. The island’s dual Dutch and French personalities infuse it with an irresistible je ne sais quoi that has us dreaming of a return to soak up more of its inimitable charms.


Toledo train station

Toledo’s Timeless Romance
Like stepping into the pages of a historic novel, the ancient Spanish city of Toledo casts an unbreakable spell. We were utterly captivated by its winding cobblestone lanes, Moorish architecture, and centuries-old traditions during their visit. To fully immerse ourselves in Toledo’s living museum is a dream we are determined to realize.


Lagoa do Fogo

The Azores’ Wild Allure
Adrift in the Atlantic, the remote Azores islands are a nature-lovers paradise that stole our hearts. From hiking kaleidoscopic crater lakes to savoring wines with a hint of sea salt, this Portuguese archipelago is a feast for the senses. After a tantalizing glimpse, we yearn to immerse ourselves in the full Azorean experience.


Paseo del Morro

Puerto Rico’s Vivacious Spirit
Pulsing with an infectious energy and vibrant culture, Puerto Rico has us hooked on its charms. Whether strolling the azure streets of Old San Juan, kayaking through bioluminescent bays, or savoring mofongo, the island casts a spell that has him fantasizing about putting down roots in this Caribbean paradise.


Quinta das Carvalhas on the Douro

The Douro Valley’s Vinous Serenade
Rolling hills cloaked in lush vineyards, charming quintas plying world-class ports – the Douro Valley is a wine lover’s dreamscape that left us spellbound. After a tantalizing day trip from Porto, she’s intent on returning to fully savor the region’s old-world hospitality and scenery that seems plucked from a storybook.

The world is overflowing with extraordinary destinations, each weaving its unique tapestry of sights, sounds, and experiences. While the journey continues, these are the places calling us back to get intimately reacquainted – and we can’t wait to answer their siren songs.

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