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A Stop at The Tridge


Road construction sure made it difficult to visit Midland’s famed three way footbridge known as The Tridge. The Tridge crosses the junction of the Tittabawassee and Chippewa Rivers. We were heading home from Up North and our usual route was full of construction, so we changed it up and took I-75. Midland’s visitor’s bureau must’ve shelled out a lot of money for ads, because I swear I had been seeing nonstop photos of this place and I really wanted to check it out. Once we got off the interstate, this is where things got tricky. There’s a saying that there are two seasons in Michigan: winter and construction. It really seemed true this weekend. Both the GPS and the street signs really wanted us to knock down some barricades to get to this famed bridge. After making several u-turns we finally looked at a map and figured out another way to go. After all, The Tridge has three ends, there has to be more than one way to get to it. We did eventually find a place to park and discovered the pictures I had been seeing really didn’t show how busy this place could be on a Sunday afternoon. I’m surprised I was able to take a photo without a ton of people in it. All-in-all, it made for an interesting photo subject and a great place to get out and stretch our legs. If you are in the Midland area, The Tridge is definitely worth a visit, just make sure you know several ways to get there, just in case.

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  1. That’s cool! Sometimes the good things take a little effort to find them.

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