Castle up CloseWalt Disney World is a place I’ve been more times than I can count. Growing up, we visited every year. The Disney parks are one of the few places I can successfully navigate without a map (or GPS). There is something about seeing Cinderella Castle that just makes me feel like I’m home.

Not to get too Disney Nerdy on you but I love what Disney is doing with technology right now. At first, when I heard about Magic Bands (for those of you who are not in the Disney loop, you wear a bracelet that acts as your ticket and your room key) I was skeptical. I’m not someone who typically likes to wear things on my wrist. I was not a LiveStrong bracelet girl, but maybe I’m changing because I’ve had a FitBit on my wrist for over a year now. When we were in Disney, I LOVED my Magic Band! I didn’t need to carry a wallet to hold my ticket so if I didn’t want to bring my camera, I left the bag in the room and went into the parks with nothing. The super planner in me loved that I had everything planned in advance. Yes, some people feel like spontaneity is ruined with the pre-planning of meals and fastpasses, but I think the planning adds to the fun. And with all the additions and changes they’re making to the parks its hard to wait a few years between trips! If you’re thinking about a Disney vacation, I highly recommend talking to a travel agent. They really do take the stress out of all the planning that goes into a Disney vacation these days. I’m not affiliated with any agency, although if you’re an agent and are looking to advertise, send me an email!

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