Marshall-Adams HallIn honor of the Spartan’s miraculous win on Saturday, here’s another favorite photo from East Lansing. If you’ve never seen Michigan State’s campus, it seems to be having an identity crisis, architecture-wise. On the northern end of campus, you have beautiful, classic brick & ivy buildings, such as Marshall-Adams hall here. Heck the MSU alma mater even has the line, “o’re ivy covered halls”. But, if you travel out of the old part of campus in any direction, you notice the architectural styles change. Not too far from Marshall-Adams is the Broad Art Museum which is strikingly modern and I often describe as having sharp edges. Across the street from the Broad Museum is the Student Services Building which is depressingly 60s and just looks sad and outdated (which is my fear for Broad in the years to come). On the eastern edge of campus is the 12 story Hubbard Hall (and my home my freshman year) which really seems to poke out from around the surrounding areas where no other building surpasses maybe 6¬†floors at most.

During my time at MSU, I loved walking through the old part of campus at the end of the day. One hour before and after sunrise and sunset is considered the magic hour (AKA blue or golden hour) and is the ideal lighting for photography. No, this doesn’t mean that you should never shoot outside of these times (a lot of the photos I post here were taken outside of magic hour), but the lighting is more pleasing and you are more likely to get stunning shots during these times.

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And in case you didn’t catch the Michigan-Michigan State game this weekend, here’s the only clip you need to see:

Go Green!