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Kennedy Space Center

Rocket Booster 17/100

I hadn’t been to the Kennedy Space Center since I was a kid and when we chose a cruise that stopped at Port Canaveral we (grudgingly) decided that it wasn’t worth it to drive to Disney World for 8 hours (especially in the summer heat). My husband is a space nerd so he was very excited to rent a car and drive to the space center. If you’re ever on a cruise that calls at Port Canaveral I highly recommend this option. We rented an economy car for $30, the rental car company picked us up at the port, and when we told them where we were going they even gave us admission coupons that helped make up for the parking fee. Another plus if you rent car is you have the freedom to check out Ron Jon Surf Shop and eat at any of the seafood restaurants on the water instead of having to go back to the ship when you’re done at the Space Center. Unlike a lot of ports of call, there’s not a lot to do right near Port Canaveral.

If you do anything at the Kennedy Space Center, you have to take the bus to the Apollo/Saturn 5 Center. The First thing you do when you get off the bus is go through The Firing Room Theater where you see the actual control room from Apollo 8 and watch a recreation of the launch of that rocket. Then, you step into the Lunar Theater and watch a recreation of the moon landing. And I have to say, the Disney fan in me ate these shows up; They had the same “edutainment” feel you get at a lot of my favorite Disney attractions. After the shows you get to explore the exhibits in the building including a lot of memorabilia from the Apollo missions and an actual moon rock that you can touch. And of course, you can get up close to an actual Saturn V rocket and that is where this picture came from.

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  1. Cool photo! We haven’t been to KSC in about 10 years, so we really need to go back, because the space geek in me really loves that kind of thing. We did go to the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama a few years ago, and it was really cool, too!

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