Apollo flag hanging up at the Armstrong Museum.

It’s amazing, thinking of all of the things we are celebrating in 2019. 100 years of Grand Canyon National Park, 75 years since D-Day, and this past weekend we celebrated 50 years since men first walked on the moon. We decided to celebrate this momentous anniversary, we would visit the Armstrong Air and Space Museum in Wapakoneta, Ohio, home of Neil Armstrong. The museum hosted a week long celebration for the anniversary, featuring rocket launches, a Run to the Moon race, and visiting astronauts.

Armstrong’s Apollo 11 space suit

The Armstrong Museum opened three years to the day of its namesake taking his “One small step for man”. Neil Armstrong was present for the opening and presented the museum with moon rocks he had gathered during his lunar mission. The museum is unique with its look at space exploration, with a focus on Ohioans from The Wright Brothers to John Glenn, and of course, Armstrong. The museum is home to the Gemini 8 spacecraft, Armstrong’s suits from the Gemini and Apollo missions (left) as well as his Navy Uniform, and the airplane in which he learned to fly.

Of course, being a special anniversary, the museum was packed during our visit. We all kind of toured the exhibits as a constantly moving snake. But, it was a nice museum and I was glad we visited. I know my husband, being a big space fan, has wanted to visit for years. If you are in Northwest Ohio, its definitely worth a visit! After leaving Wapakoneta, we headed south to Dayton to the National Air Force Museum. Be sure to check back next week to hear about that! The following week, I will return to my coverage of our Mainely Acadia trip!

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