Last winter, we had the opportunity to photograph the State Games of Michigan. This past August, the State Games of America came to Michigan and we got to photograph athletes from all over the country.  We photographed a variety of sports from mountain biking and cricket to ice hockey. One of my favorite shots came from mountain biking (lower right).  What I love about this shot is that it looks more like an environmental portrait than an action shot, but I promise he was on mile ten of a twelve mile race, but he wasn’t too tired to smile for the camera when he came around the corner.

My favorite event to photograph during the summer games was probably figure skating. It was fun to try to guess how the skaters were going to move and when the best time would be to press the shutter. Even though we probably spent the most time at figuring skating, they were not my best shots. Although its not noticeable if you’re just a spectator, ice rinks aren’t that bright. With my telephoto lens, it was hard to keep my shutter speeds fast enough to freeze their motion and many of what looked like great shots at first had blurry faces.

Next month, we will head back to Grand Rapids to photograph the winter games again. Unfortunately, figure skating isn’t one of the sports this time so I will not be able to perfect my skills yet. Stay tuned to the blog for those images later this winter!

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