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Final Day in Lisbon

With half a day left in Lisbon, there was one last thing I wanted to see and that was the National Tile Museum. Portugal is known for its Azulejos, murals of painted tile, typically in shades of blue. The tiles are traditionally found on the interior and exterior of buildings to help keep the buildings cool in the summer heat. Visitors to the museum are taken through the history of the time from when it was introduced in the 15th century, to the classic blue-painted tiles of the 17th and 18th centuries, and more modern interpretations. I really enjoyed the panoramic landscape of Lisbon before the earthquake which was done entirely in Azueljos. It was very interesting the examine the differences in the city between then and now.

Chapel in the National Tile Museum

Like many buildings in Portugal, the building that now houses the Tile Museum was formerly a convent. I knew this before visiting, but it was still a shock to turn the corner and find this gold-plated church. We had already toured Jeronimo’s Monastery and the chapel at Pena Palace but the decorations in this church took my breath away. If you want to see awe-inspiring religious spaces on your trip to Lisbon, make sure to visit the Museu Nacional do Azulejo. If you have the Lisboa Card, admission to the Tile Museum is included.

Alfa Pendular

After touring the museum, it was time to head to the train station. We took the Alfa Pendular (left) from Lisboa’s Oriente Station to Porto’s Campanhã train Station. The Alfa Pendular is Portugal’s high-speed train which is capable of hitting speeds of 220 km/hour (137 mph). The Alfa Pendular has tilting technology that allows the train to take curves faster. I was worried that the tilting would be uncomfortable, but I did not even notice it. It was a very smooth ride with beautiful views out the window. Before I knew it, we were in Porto with the below view just steps from our Airbnb!

Porto at sunset

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Chris Corner #11: A Planned Shot

Gold and Black Aisle by Christopher Mowers on

My work of the past few weeks has been rather uninspiring, so we’re going to hit the back catalog today.

This is not a perfect photo by any means, but I wanted to post it because it is an example of a planned shot. I wanted a shot of an aisle between trees, and then I went and got it. Sometimes in photography, one will grab his or her camera, go to a great location, and hope for the best; however, very frequently, the best pictures are those which one will consider in advance.

Good light for photography is a fleeting thing, and when shooting landscapes one doesn’t always have enough time to really get it right without forethought. Being familiar with locations and thinking of compositions in advance can be a helpful practice.


About the photo:

This photo was taken near our cottage in Paris, MI. In the upper part of Michigan’s lower peninsula, there tends to be a lot of trees that were planted in rows such as this. The Civilian Conservation Corps planted them this way. I do not know if these particular trees were planted by the CCC, but certainly this is typical to see.

Camera Gear:
Nikon D3100 with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens.

Date Taken:
June 25, 2015

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