Field & Mountains *Explored*

Last summer, I finally got to see the Smoky Mountains. We didn’t have much time to spend in the mountains, but we did have time for a drive through Cade’s Cove. Cade’s Cove is an area of the park that is rich in the history of the area. The area was first settled by the Cherokee people in the late 18th century and they remained in the area until they were moved to Oklahoma through the Trail of Tears. The first European settlers arrived in 1818 and on the drive, you pass abandoned homes and churches of people that were displaced at the formation of the National Park.

This photo was taken at The John Oliver cabin on the Cade’s Cove pass, looking towards the mountains that surround the valley. If you would like to tour the area on bike, the road is closed to motor vehicles until 10am on Saturdays and Wednesdays seasonally. If you would like a less physically demanding tour, the road is open to motor vehicles from sunrise to sunset, weather permitting.

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