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Kentucky Bourbon Barrel

Chris Corner 16: My New Style


A few months ago, I saw this video on color grading in cinema. I thought it was remarkable that this type of color editing is so common in video, but is not really taught to hobbyist photographers, nor is it often discussed in any of the online photography communities of which I am a part.

This began my deep dive on YouTube and anywhere else into the world of color grading, and it has become an indispensable part of my style. The idea of individual photographic style is one that really appeals to me, and I have been seeking to find mine. I think that for me, there are two things that I’d like to be known for. Those things are not being afraid to go abstract/impressionistic, and not being afraid to manipulate hues and tone curves in tasteful, and cinematic ways.

20161029-20161029-DSC_0030-2.jpgTo the untrained eye, I actually don’t want to be known for the second one. I think the real art here is not knowing the work done to the original image, which can be seen on the right.

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Touring the Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Bottles at Buffalo Trace

This past weekend, Chris and I decided to take a little last-minute trip down to Kentucky. Chris has been talking about going to a Bourbon distillery for quite some time, so I knew we would spend some time on the Bourbon Trail. First, we stopped at Chris’ favorite, Buffalo Trace. They offer a free tour that tells the story of Kentucky Bourbon at the longest continually operating distillery. I really enjoyed that this tour wasn’t all about Bourbon, it also gave a nice history of the area. Afterwards, we headed to Wild Turkey. For $10 per person, we rode a shuttle around the modern distillery and learned about the bourbon making process. I recommend both tours. Both of them included samples, although you do get more at Turkey Hill and the Turkey Hill Tour also included a rocks glass.

About the Photo:
This shot was actually taken with my iPhone 7 in HDR mode. I did basic edits and converted it to black and white in Lightroom Mobile. I uploaded it to Instagram and it blew up quickly. Before we even started the next tour, it had already received over 200 likes, making it my most popular picture on Instagram. It was taken in the hand bottling room at Buffalo Trace.

Camera Gear:
iPhone 7 in HDR mode. I meant to shoot in RAW but I forgot to open Lightroom ahead of time and with how fast this part of the tour was going, I was worried I’d miss my shot if I tried to open it. Apple, if you’re reading this, thank you for adding RAW photography to iOS 10. For the next step, please add RAW functionality to the native camera app. Thanks in advance!

Date Taken:
October 29, 2016

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