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Wordless Wednesday: Fjord

Tracy Arm Fjord Black and White

Wordless Wednesday: Norris Geyser Black & White

Norris Geyser Basin Black & White

Flashback Friday: Tahquamenon B&W

Lower Tahquamenon Falls

Flashback Friday: Tahquamenon in the Rain

Wordless Wednesday: Happy Halloween!

Returning to the Village

20180429-20180429-DSC_0018This past weekend, we made our first visit to Greenfield Village of the season. At this point, it almost doesn’t feel like spring until I get to soak up the sun in the Village. It was hard to believe that our last visit had been for holiday nights just a few days before Christmas. Now, the grass was green, the trees were beginning to bud, and everyone seemed to be glad to get to be able to get out of the house.

The first thing that caught my attention on this visit was that the train whistle sounded different. When we got closer, the reason for that became clear. It was a Day Out With Thomas and the train had been transformed into Thomas the Tank Engine. I’m sure if I had watched the show this decade I may have recognized that whistle at once, and I’m sure all the kids I saw with their Thomas balloons were very excited to get go on a ride on the famous train. This special event definitely seemed to bring young families to the Village.

We made a stop at the Cotswold Forge and the light coming in the window illuminating the blacksmith tools really caught my eye. It took a few tries to illuminate the shadows enough so as to not have a lot of noise. Being that this structure was built in the 17th century, I thought black and white was appropriate.

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Wordless Wednesday: Foggy Winter Day

Foggy Winter Day

Wordless Wednesday: Hatteras B&W

Hatteras B&W

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